hi, kongg or zakid06 :') here, this was a video game studio that we formed with a couple of friends in late 2018
we were all learning programming by that time and we wanted a site where we could put our games for the whole world to see so me and UTLAK123 (now golb)
formed a studio called mask in the mask, i created a site for it and we started pumping out games
some other people have joined the studio, i made a place on the site where we would list members of the studio
and life was good :')
now it is 2023 havent seen most of the people that formed the original thing in years
it all started falling apart at the start of 2020
we have all just played video games all the time during quarantine, started making much better games
that were also much more harder to work on and most of us made the as their personal projects rather than projects in the studio
we also didnt meet each other as much as before due to covid so it all kinda slowly stopped
i tried to save it in 2021 by merging some of my personal project under the studio and renaming it to infinte
but by that time it was all over, and in september of 2021 we dissolved the studio
im a now under the nickname kongg or konggdev and im really busy with school but i still find time to work on my personal projects
like my game hixed or openapplock and zuckapp (an alternate frontend for whatsapp)
My personal website

"Dont cry because its over, smile because it happened"
-Some really wise person